Friday, September 15, 2017

Nigerian Army's Operation Python Dance: the Catalog of Genocide and Torture in Biafra

16 September 2017
Onenigeria, Osondi Owendi

Biafrans Being Flogged

Hausa-Fulani Celebrating

September 15 2017

What was her Crime?

Mass Grave

September 14 2017

Bruce Fein on the Genocide

From Turkey

September 13 2017

People walk with arms up in the air and still get shot by the Army

Nigerian Troops in Kill and Go

Hausa-Fulani Soldiers Cart Away Bodies of Biafrans they Slaughtered


Death March: Nigerian Soldiers March Biafrans to their Death

Nigerian Army Invades Nnamdi Kanu's Home

Nigerian Soldier with Boot on a Dead Biafran

Hausa-Fulani Soldiers Escort their People to Safety

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